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The first VCR organic grafted vine is born

2019/2020 CAMPAIGN: THE FIRST VCR ORGANIC GRAFTED VINE IS BORN TotalBIO VCR®: history, experience and VCR quality while respecting the environment. After years of both field and protected environment trials, the organic vine made in VCR is born! A product spawned from the fusion of rootstocks and scions grown in compliance with current organic farming…

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VCR Research Center on “Enologonline” magazine

Persuaded that the best way to predict the future is to create it, VCR keeps investing in Research and Innovation, thus creating a reference biotechnology hub for the Italian winegrowing scene! Enologonline: VCR Research Center: a milestone in research and innovation Link:

Vivaismo viticolo

The evolution of grapevine nursery

Climate changes, viticulture changes, the environment evolves and our needs also change… How can grapevine nursery adjust into this scenario? Find out in this “Vite & Vino” article! Vite & Vino, 6/2020: The challenges of grapevine nursery. By Enzo Corazzina.


VCR-Uniud-IGA resistant varieties

Everything there is to know about VCR-Uniud-IGA resistant varieties in a short summary article. Environmental and economic sustainability for the benefit of agriculture in its complex. OICCE Times 82/XXI: Disease-resistant grape varieties: Sustainable solution. Asia Khafizova, Yuri Zambon, Marta Colautti, Eugenio Sartori.

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Vine and copper: VCR have some thoughts

Being copper a heavy metal, it has been entered into the list of products that will have to be replaced soon; in which case…What will become of our copper-based organic farming? What are the possible solutions? VCR has some thoughts about it….. Academy of Georgofili: Disease-resistant grape varieties and copper: opportunities and limits. Yuri Zambon,…