State of the Art 2022: creation of the new VCR varieties

The speed with which the market evolves is rarely compatible with the development of a new technology in viticulture; the “normative” limitations also irretrievably expand the time needed to adopt new viticultural models, sometimes trivializing or even making inefficient the research efforts. Despite these difficulties, the Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR), in the belief that Research…

PSR Friuli Venezia Giulia

New PSR VCR Project – FVG Region – European Union

TYPE OF INTERVENTION Production chain project called “ENHANCEMENT OF GRAPEVINE NURSERY – VCR COOPERATIVE MEMBERS PRODUCTION CHAIN” Intervention 4.2.1 “Investments in the processing, marketing and development of agricultural products” PROJECT SYNOPSIS. The Cooperative, within the framework of its ongoing evolution and modernization programs, with the purpose to meet the needs of the target market, has…

barbatelle in vaso air pruning vcr vinci la tua partita con la gamma vcr

Air-pruning potted grafted vines

VCR ARE EXPANDING THEIR PRODUCT RANGE! Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, with the purpose of adding new strings to the farmer’s bow, are expanding their commercial offer with new and more performing types of vines, being the result of the research and experimentation of the last few years: Grafted Vine Plants and High-Stem Vines supplied in different…

vcr reseaarch center

The New VCR Research Center

Get an up-close look at the New VCR Research Center, discover the secrets and potential of this forward-looking vision! “Terra e Vita” magazine 36/2020: The VCR Research Center is born, a new hub for innovation. Gian Paolo Ponzi.   Link: