VCR's Technical Booklets

Many VCR clones have undergone additional oenological tests, which have been carried out in partnership with the University of Milan and have allowed their oenological characterization by means of the assessment of the subtle parameters. Each clone has been thus described and detailed, not only in its agronomic behavior, but also in its aromatic and, for red-berried clones, polyphenolic profile.

The results of these thorough studies have been collected in the "VCR Technical Booklets " that are now available to growers and winemakers to help them in a more careful choice of the clones according to their oenological goals. Thanks to this research it has been also possible to design those clone / rootstock combinations capable of enhancing even more the agronomical and oenological specificities of each selection.

By now, for many varieties the range of the original "VCR" clones faithfully represents all or almost all the existing intervarietal variability: this allows the optimization of the clonal choice in accordance to each specific oenological target.


Published booklets

01 Aglianico e Aglianico

02 Chardonnay

03 Sangiovese

04 Nebbiolo

05 Montepulciano

06 Garganega

07 Merlot

08 Sauvignon

09 Malvasia Istriana

10 Pinot Nero

11 Glera e Glera Lunga

12 Cabernet Sauvignon

13 Moscato Bianco, Moscato
Giallo e Moscato Ottonel

14 Fiano, Falanghina, Greco
(Di Tufo) e Coda Di Volpe

15 Nuovi vitigni resistenti
alle malattie

17 I nuovi
portinnesti "M"

18 The disease-resistant

19 Phytosanitary defense
of the disease-resistant
grape varieties