Commercial presence

The commercial presence of Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo now covers all vine-growing countries in the world. Given the importance of the French market, "VCR France" was established in October 2003 in southern France near Nimes, with the aim of dealing directly with this market. As well as marketing "VCR" cuttings grafted vines, VCR France sets up "turnkey" vineyards anywhere in France with two teams equipped with Wagner satellite-guided machines. VCR France currently distributes 5 million grafted vines in the South of France, in the Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne regions. VCR France exports to Lebanon and Bolivia as well.

The interest shown in the "VCR" original clones has led Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo to establish a new company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley, California, in order to locally produce and distribute "VCR" quality grafted vines. Established in 1996, "Nova Vine" supplies the most prestigious and important local winemakers, from Mondavi to Gallo, from Martini to Sebastiani, with a production of more than 4 million plants per year. While the goal of Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo in California is to produce "VCR" type grafted vines, in 2000 an agreement was reached with the most important Australian nursery, "Chalmers Nurseries" for the local distribution of "VCR" clones.

Also in this case, the "VCR" selections underwent health checks that were easily passed and today Australian growers have access to the best "VCR" clones. In Spain, the presence of "VCR" has been assured since 1989 through the Company Agromillora Iberia, a world leader in the production of olives and high-density plantations, as well as in the production of fruit-trees. Agromillora Iberia has a network of 25 agents with warehouses covering the entire Spanish wine-growing territory. In Greece, the fruit-tree producer Vitrohellas distributes VCR grafted vines of international and local varieties of across the nation, including the islands. In all other wine-producing countries, VCR is distributed by local importers or representatives.