A Cutting-edge Company

The importance of Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo in the grapevine nursery business is highlighted with a yearly production of more than 60 million grafted vine plants. Today the 250 cooperative members are facing a very important and difficult task: to ensure and make available in the 28 vine-growing countries, where the Cooperative works, a perfect product in terms of morphological, genetic and sanitary quality.

The nurserymen members of Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, under the control of the management organs of the Company, grow more than 1,100 hectares of nursery and 1,050 hectares of rootstock mother blocks: This is a huge production potential that allows each year to produce about 60 million grafted vines in more than 4,000 grafting combinations.

The extension of nursery land, the favorable climate conditions, the professionalism of the cooperative members, allow to obtain an average outcome of 1st choice vines of 75%, with peaks of over 90%: such yields are simply unthinkable elsewhere. To achieve these levels it is necessary that all the biological processes involved in production, from the formation of callus to the rooting, maturation and lignification, are carried out under optimal conditions and give then rise to a flawless morphological quality, like the quality of VCR products.

Quantity of planted grafted cuttings Agricultural years (form 1994/95 to 2017/18)


The consistency of VCR's production capacity

Scion mother block surface 1.600 Ha.
Roostock mother block surface 1.500 Ha.
Nursery surface 1.200 Ha.
Grafted cuttings 110-115.000.000
Average nursery yield 75-78%
Grafted vines >80.000.000
Own-rooted vines ~1.300.000
Variety/clone/rootstock combinations ~4.000
Headquarters covered surface 31.000 m²
Capacity of cold storage rooms 85.300 m³
Cold room storage capacity in n° of plants 80.000.000
Sales agents with cold storage rooms in Italy >110
Dealers and agents abroad 30
Foreign subsidiaries and affiliates 4