VCR Catalogue

VCR catalogues, edited in different languages, represent real user manuals for the winegrowers. They highlight the varieties, clones and rootstocks that VCR use for the production of grafted vine plants. In the description of the different varieties VCR paid the utmost attention in highlighting the main features of the cultivars with particular reference to their ampelographic characters, phenological periods, cultural attitudes and requirements in terms of training and pruning systems.

The VCR catalogues also highlight aspects related to disease susceptibility with particular reference to downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis and phytoplasmas (grapevine yellows and bois noir). The oenological potential for each wine variety is also described on the basis of knowledge that VCR has gained in over 40 years of microvinifications carried out at the VCR Experimental Centre. Furthermore, for each described clone, though with the necessary concision, the catalogue presents the main agronomic characteristics: vigor, bunch, berry, yield.

All the clones are also described through the sensory analysis and their oenological potential. The winegrowers from all over the world, therefore, by consulting the VCR catalogues, that are issued in different languages, can gain a wealth of information and, above all, take into consideration, when choosing varieties, clones and rootstocks, all the positive as well as the negative aspect of every presented cultivar. Another important information given in the catalogues is the extension of the growing area of each varieties in the major winegrowing countries.


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